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Are you looking for SUV, truck or car service in Surrey or Langley?  At L & S Automotive, we take pride in our clean and modern facility. When you visit us, our waiting room includes a TV, comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and a coffee station. We have 2 courtesy cars available for customers who book in advance, based on availability.  Our SUV, truck and car mechanic ensures your vehicle gets in and out quickly and fixed quickly.

As a family owned and operated business, L & S Automotive provides jobs and opportunities to the community, as well as apprentice programs for post-secondary students.

At L & S Automotive, we continuously pride ourselves on some of the unique services we provide, versus other auto repair shops. We use a road force balancer, which is the only way to solve vibration related issues in the performance of your tires. You can get more information here.

We also provide customers with the option of a Nitrogen fill instead of air in tires. This service allows tires to maintain a consistent and reliable tire pressure rather the air alternative, who’s pressure will fluctuate with the rise and fall in temperatures.

Thanks to our long-standing relationships with other local businesses, as well as contacts from USA to China, there is virtually no automotive part or tire that is out of our reach. We pride ourselves in being able to achieve the look and performance our customers want and deserve.

Did you find an image of an off-road monster you want to create while searching on Google? Bring it to us! We will track down and can work with nearly all aftermarket parts and give you the best advice and the best price on your dream.

Our team includes:

  • Diesel mechanic Greg Zibauer
  • Tire technician Tavis Gleig
  • Apprentice Dan Frederick
  • Detailer Team Elevate
  • Owners Ryan & Leena Williams

Before you go to any other Truck, SUV or Car mechanic in Surrey or Langley be sure you visit us first.  our mechanics are fully trained in the latest techniques for all makes and models.  We also provide diesel performance and servicing, oil changes for all makes and models of cars, trucks or SUVs, brake inspections, tune-ups and a full range of other car, truck and SUV service.

For example, our mechanic can check your tires for proper inflation to ensure longer life and improved fuel economy. We provide unbeatable knowledge of after-market parts & accessories.

full range of auto services, repairs, modifications, lift kits

Talk to us if you wish to modify your vehicle with:

  • Lift Kits
  • Fender Flares, and
  • Performance Modifications

Do you know of any other car truck or SUV mechanic shop in Surrey that offers the same car service?  We don’t think so.

We offer a wide range of products and we’re sure there’s something for everyone.

We do wheel repairs and powder coating.

Browse the online catalogs of our suppliers.

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Please Contact Us at 604-575-2224 for any questions and inquiries.
American Eagle Wheel Corporation Suppliers

MHT Luxury Alloys

W-1 Wheel 1 Warehouse

*Tax not included*

Car $59.00 SUV $67.00 Oversize $76.00

  • -Exterior hand wash including tires, wheels, & exterior windows.
  • -Vacuum and wipe down cab interior

Car $89.00 SUV $109.00 Oversize $129.00
Everything in the bronze package PLUS

  • -Blow out trunk gutters and panels
  • -Detailed deep vacuum of cab interior and trunk
  • -Detail wheel cleaning and tire dressing

Car $199.00 SUV $224.00 Oversize $245
Everything in the Bronze & Silver package PLUS

  • -Blow out & wipe down of door jams, hood and trunk gutters
  • -Clean out vents with anti-mold/mildew solution
  • -Detail wheels & wheel wells as well as dress tires
  • -Premium glass cleaning
  • -Clean and condition leather & vinyl
  • -Shampoo interior carpets and upholstery

$149.00 plus shop supplies
Everything in the bronze, silver, $ Gold package PLUS the following options;

  • -Detailed Hot water wash and hand dry
  • -Detailed exterior clean of headlights, mirrors, wheels and additional chrome
  • -Additional interior detailing of dash, gauges and buckles
  • -Complete wet sand, polish, wax & glaze
  • -Complete interior & Upholstery shampoo including trunk
  • – Glass treatment
  • -Engine steam clean

Add the following services to any package;

  • -Rain X Glass treatment ……………………….…………………………$19.99
  • -Tire Shine …………………………………………………………………$5.94
  • -Wax & Polish………………………………………….. *Individual prices vary*
  • -Pressure wash under carriage ……………………………….111.65/hr -min 1 hr
  • -Steam clean engine ………………………………………………………$99.99
  • -Pet hair, mold/mildew, smoke residue, etc……….……*Individual prices vary*

Custom Services available on request

  • Windshield repair/ Replacement
  • Auto glass tinting
  • Upholstery rip/tear repair
  • Dent/ scratch removal

If you are looking for a Car mechanic in Surrey or Langley look no further than L&S.  After reading the above information you will see that we are a full-service automotive shop providing Langley and Surrey car service.  Surrey based, straddling the border between Surrey and Langley, we are ideally located to service customers in both Langley and Surrey.

We are easy to get to, located on 56th avenue in Surrey and have great hours.  Come visit us during the week between 8:30AM and 5:30PM to find out how we can help you.  If you are looking for an SUV, truck, or car mechanic then be sure to contact us.  Our mechanic is fully licensed and experienced in many makes and models of vehicles.  He’s also proficient in Diesel servicing and performance.

If you need car service in Surrey or Langley, contact L&S Automotive today.

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