Car Detailing Surrey

Car Detailing SurreyWhen you are looking for car detailing in Surrey look no further than L & S Automotive.  We offer a complete car detailing service with many package levels, from a basic car cleaning to engine steam cleaning, interior seat and carpet cleaning and more.

No matter what your budget for car detailing in Surrey, or your time requirements we have a package to suit you.

With our Bronze car detailing in Surrey package you get an exterior hand wash that also includes cleaning your tires and wheels.  We also spend extra time giving your exterior windows the cleaning they deserve.  After all, safety is important and properly cleaned windows go a long way to ensuring your safety on the road.

Our Silver Surrey car detailing package includes all the services featured in our bronze package, but also blow out your trunk gutters and panels, getting rid of anything that’s fallen into them.  This is extremely important as some plant debris left here can cause problems with your body.  We also provide a extremely thorough deep vacuum of cab interior and trunk and complete a very detailed wheel cleaning and tire dressing.

For more information on any of our Surrey car detailing packages, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us or call us at 604-575-2224

Car Cleaning Surrey

car cleaning SurreyOur Gold package includes everything in our Bronze AND Silver package but also provides a few other services including:  Cleaning out your vehicles vents with an anti-mold & mildew solution, a thorough cleaning and conditioning of your leather or vinyl, and a deep shampooing of your interior carpets and upholstery.

We also have a platinum package for our customers that includes ALL the services of the Bronze, Silver and Gold package plus:  a thorough exterior clean of headlights, mirrors, wheels and additional chrome, additional interior detailing of dash, gauges and buckles, complete wet sand, polish, wax & glaze, complete interior & Upholstery shampoo including trunk and an engine steam clean!

There is no other Auto Service firm that offers this level of car cleaning.  Surrey firm L&S Automotive should be your only call if you are looking for someone to clean your car, truck or SUV.

Car Detailing Langley

L & S Automotive also has some additional premium add-on services which you can add to any of the above packages.  These include:  Rain X Glass treatment, Tire Shine, Wax & Polish, Pressure wash your car’s under carriage, Steam clean your engine and a thorough cleaning targeting Pet hair, mold/mildew, smoke residue, etc.

If, while completing these car detailing services, we come across things that require your attention, we can take care of those too.  If we feel your windshield needs repair or replacement, we can manage that for you.  We also offer Auto glass tinting, Upholstery rip & tear repairs, and even Dent and scratch removal.

Car Cleaning Langley

So before taking your car to any other cleaning service, contact us to find out about the car detailing offered by L & S Automotive in Surrey and Langley.  To make an appointment call us at 604-575-2224

Centered around dedicated car cleaning Langley and car detailing Surrey you can count on, L&S Automotive has years of industry experience when it comes to taking care of all your vehicle maintenance needs. As one of the premiere local car detailing Langley and car cleaning Surrey businesses in the community our company is committed to providing the highest quality auto upkeep services that follow the utmost attention to detail . Our state of the art equipment and professional team of employees are fully capable of meeting all of your vehicle requirements at our elite level facilities. Every job we take is precisely executed, carefully monitored and fully inspected before delivery to assure you get the very best in car washing. If you can not find the right sanitization standards for your automobile we are more than happy to work exclusively with you to create the ideal work order to meet your specifications and expectations.

If you are searching for car cleaning Surrey and car detailing Langley that goes above and beyond to satisfy customers wishes then you come to the right place. What separates us at L&S Automotive from other car detailing Surrey and car cleaning Langley establishments is first class client service, custom tailor made disinfection and deodorizing solutions, an established industry track record, and the strong desire to create the ultimate auto cleaning and vehicle washing buyer experience. From vehicle interiors, to car and truck exteriors, to auto tires, to floor matts and everything in between there is no car purification demand we can not meet. Trustworthy, reliable, efficient and effective our presses have been time tested to deliver results in a wide array of production settings. Trustworthy, reliable, efficient and effective our services have been time tested to deliver results in a wide array of vehicle conditions. Always easy to work with, we are here to make your car cleaning purchase effortless, efficient, effective and successful. If you would like to discuss all of your options please reach out as we are always around to help.